Thursday, July 23, 2009

Generic Woman in New York City - m4w - 28

YOU: Generic looking woman walking around New York City or one of it's greater boroughs who seemed loose and very interested in me. You were wearing clothes and you had hair. And you seemed like a strong woman...

ME: Casanova of epic proportions with a great smile.

I saw you walking around New York City somewhere within the city limits (or maybe it was one of the surrounding boroughs or New Jersey...) and you seemed like a fun girl with dirty blond hair, or maybe brown, or maybe red but definitely not gray. You were attractive but there was a loneliness in your eyes. You walked around, and walked in front of a starbucks or a Subway or a Chipotle and I briefly looked at you. I am attractive.

If this sounds like you please contact me and we will date.

I will provide the condoms.

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