Thursday, July 23, 2009

Generic Woman in New York City - m4w - 28

YOU: Generic looking woman walking around New York City or one of it's greater boroughs who seemed loose and very interested in me. You were wearing clothes and you had hair. And you seemed like a strong woman...

ME: Casanova of epic proportions with a great smile.

I saw you walking around New York City somewhere within the city limits (or maybe it was one of the surrounding boroughs or New Jersey...) and you seemed like a fun girl with dirty blond hair, or maybe brown, or maybe red but definitely not gray. You were attractive but there was a loneliness in your eyes. You walked around, and walked in front of a starbucks or a Subway or a Chipotle and I briefly looked at you. I am attractive.

If this sounds like you please contact me and we will date.

I will provide the condoms.

Fulton stop, financial district - m4m

I got off the A train and walked to the four train where I usually transfer but right when I got there it was pulling away. I had to wait 10 minutes!! What a bummer! Another m4m... Missed 4train Metro. GAWD!

This is what this site is for right? To commiserate about this stuff?

Coy Cutie on 1 train - m4w - 34

YOU: Shy cutie sitting in the one train, got on at 34th street.

ME: Rugged tall man with a very deep deep stare.

You got on at 34th street and I started staring at you because I couldn't take my eyes off you. You kept nervously glancing at me, sometimes looking frightened, possibly frightened of the love we could share. You started playing a game of cat and mouse by going to the other train, so I followed you like a playful kitten would. You sat down finally and put on your headphones and began reading a book. I sat down opposite and stared at you. You never looked at me, you shy girl. Finally you coughed. Seemed phlegmy, but I could tell it was for me. I coughed back but accidentally vomited in my mouth a little bit. Other people thought I was gross, but you kept reading. I kept staring.

You got up to get out at 79th street and got up and ran out right when the doors were closing so I couldn't follow you. Probably engrossed in your book. I like that in a girl.

You seem like the kind of girl I could get used to following around.

Contact me. I want to stare at you again.

F Train this afternoon - w4m - 26

ME: A shy cute girl with dirty blond hair braided in the back, a sweater vest top with a blouse underneath it, a livestrong bracelet, black slacks, keds sneakers, moderate amount of makeup and that perfume that you always told me you liked.

YOU: Jeremy Heath, my exboyfriend of four years and the one true love of my life and I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to let you go and I have regretted it oh lord have I regretted it.

We were standing at the train platform at Carrol Street and you looked over and said "oh god, why are you following me" and I said "I'm not following you I just moved out here" and you said "you moved out here really?" and I said "yes, but not to be close to you, I actually moved out here because it was cheaper and i needed a cheaper place" and you said "that doesn't make any sense Carrol Gardens is very expensive Dianne" and I said "okay, fine Jeremy you caught my bluff I moved out here because you're out here and I want to be near you" and you said "it's over, Dianne" and I said "is it because you're fucking that little slut Ashley" and you said "leave her out of this" and then the train came and we sat in silence glaring at one another.

I think we had a connection. You should call me.