Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coy Cutie on 1 train - m4w - 34

YOU: Shy cutie sitting in the one train, got on at 34th street.

ME: Rugged tall man with a very deep deep stare.

You got on at 34th street and I started staring at you because I couldn't take my eyes off you. You kept nervously glancing at me, sometimes looking frightened, possibly frightened of the love we could share. You started playing a game of cat and mouse by going to the other train, so I followed you like a playful kitten would. You sat down finally and put on your headphones and began reading a book. I sat down opposite and stared at you. You never looked at me, you shy girl. Finally you coughed. Seemed phlegmy, but I could tell it was for me. I coughed back but accidentally vomited in my mouth a little bit. Other people thought I was gross, but you kept reading. I kept staring.

You got up to get out at 79th street and got up and ran out right when the doors were closing so I couldn't follow you. Probably engrossed in your book. I like that in a girl.

You seem like the kind of girl I could get used to following around.

Contact me. I want to stare at you again.

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